Reading Eagle E-Edition

The Reading Eagle e-edition is a replica of the daily Reading Eagle print edition. You will see the pages as they appear in the printed product.

The video tutorials below show you how to navigate the e-edition.

How to use Olive Dynamic Newsstand Page Navigation?

Q: How do I print the crossword (or any other single article)?

A: Double click on the crossword or article headline to open it in a new window, called Article View. While in Article View, you can select the Print icon to print only the contents of this new window using your computer’s standard print dialog. For Olive Dynamic Newsstand (ODN), there is another option. On the page containing the item you wish to print, click on the PDF Download icon (third from the left, box with arrow pointing down). Choose Crop PDF and then drag that box and stretch it out over the desired content. When you have positioned correctly, click Get PDF in the lower right of the page. Open your PDF and then you can print it from there. Please see the How To Print the Crossword Puzzle video for a demonstration of these methods.

Q: How do I navigate Olive Dynamic Newsstand (ODN)?

A: There are many options for navigating with ODN. There is an arrow towards the bottom right of the screen that advances the page; the arrow on the opposite side flips the page the other direction. You can also swipe between pages if you’re using a touchscreen. Using the breadcrumbs at the bottom left of the screen, you can select a section or an article. From the Thumbnails icon at the bottom middle of the screen, you can select a page from the thumbnail images. Clicking on the ? Help icon brings up the grey overlay screen which may contain additional tips specific to the publication. Please see the How To Navigate Pages in ODN video for a demonstration of these options.

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